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Microbelift Stress Relief (and Dechlorination)

Microbe lift Stress Relief  and Dechlorination

Microbelift Stress Relief (and Dechlorination)

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Brand: Microbe-Lift

SKU: Eml231


Microbelift Stress Relief and Dechlorination

MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief is not a medication and should not be used as a substitute for any recommended medication. It contains Aloe Vera which has been proven to regenerate raw tissue, blood spots and help to replace damaged slime coats. When fish are transported and placed into new environments, stress is generally exhibited.

Also, use MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief any time fish are sick to accelerate the healing process. A good stress coat to use in Autumn and early Spring.

Heavy metals in the pond water may be lethal to your fish. MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief helps to detoxify the free ions in zinc, copper and iron.

* Detoxifies free ions of heavy metals
* Helps to reduce stress, heal wounds and bruises
* Helps to restore protective slime coat
* Will not affect the ion balance of pH
* Provides additional vitamins and immune supplements
* Heals missing scales
* Minimizes infections

For Dechlorinization:
Neutralize chloramines, heavy metals and chlorine. Add one ounce (5 capfuls) of MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief per 150 gallons of pond water.

For Stress Relief:
Restoration of slime coat, regeneration of fins and repairing damaged skin. Add 2 ounces of MICROBE-LIFT/Stress Relief per 150 gallons of pond water.

This product is intended for use with all pond, ornamental and aquarium fish and may not be used with fish intended for human consumption.

16oz treats 2400 gallons
quart treats 4800 gallons
one gallon treats 19,200 gallons


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