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PondCare Ammo-Lock

PondCare Ammo-Lock 2

PondCare Ammo-Lock

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Brand: Pond Care

SKU: Aqp166B


PondCare Ammo-Lock 2

Instantly detoxifies ammonia (and removes chlorine and chloramine from city water) thereby promoting healthy gill function. 16oz treats 1920 gallons. If you have over-crowding in your pond resulting in high ammonia then use Ammo-Lock to safely neutralize the ammonia so it does not burn the gills of your fish.

NOTE: Although ammonia test kits will show positive results for ammonia when using Ammo-Lock, the product will neutralize the harmful effects to your fish and will hold the ammonia in a non-toxic form until your filter can convert and remove it. We recommend using an ammonia product like Microbelift Nite-Out II for rapid ammonia and nitrite reduction in conjunction with Ammo-Lock.


If you live in a city that treats its water, than you need Ammo-Lock. It Instantly removes chlorine and chloramine from city water.

If you have high ammonia test readings use Ammo-Lock
to detoxify harmful ammonia thereby promoting healthy gill function. Treats 960 gallons per 8 ounces

NOTE: Test results will not immediately change when you add Ammo-Lock but it has removed the harmful affects of ammonia giving your bio filter the time it needs to eliminate the problem.


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