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Microbe-lift Barley Pellets

Microbe lift Barley Pellets

Microbe-lift Barley Pellets

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Brand: Microbe-Lift

SKU: Eml070


Microbe-lift Barley Pellets

Finally, a convenient NEW way to use Barley Straw to beat the Algae problem. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Sustained release Barley Straw Pellets. Decomposition process starts immediately. Works year round to improve water quality.

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Microbelift Barley Pellets provides a slow, steady release of beneficial ingredients by natural, biological activity. Buffers pH. Available in 2.2 lb  4.4lb and 10.5 lb as well as ecomomy sizes of 25 lb bucket or 40 lb bag.

Application Rates: Apply every six weeks any time of year.

2.2 lb bag treats 400 gallons for up to 8 months

10.5 lb bag treats 2,500 gallons for up to 6 months

40 lb bag treats 10,000 gallons for up to 5 months

Clear Water /Turbid Water: 200 gallons - 6 oz /12  oz;  500 gallons - 15 oz/30 oz; 1000 gallons - 30 oz/60 oz;  2500 gallons - 70 oz/ 140 oz;  5000 gallons- 130 oz/280 oz.


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