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CalPump Magnetic Waterfall Pump

CalPump Magnetic Waterfall Pump

CalPump Magnetic Waterfall Pump

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Brand: Cal-Pump

SKU: Fra096


CalPump Magnetic Waterfall Pump

The newest and most energy efficient waterfall pump made by CalPump. Available in three sizes, 2600 gph, 3900 gph and 5200 gph. Uses up to 40-60% less electricity than direct drive pumps. Magnetic drive - NO Seals, NO Oil. Perfect for waterfalls, streams, ponds and watergardens. 1.5" FNPT discharge and 1.5" MNPT intake.

Use submersible or to install inline, remove the bottom screen. 20' cord. One Year Warranty.

PWM2600 1.37-1.85A 134-205w max flow 3500 gph. max head 15' 2325 gph @5' 100 gph @10'

PWM3900 1.17-3.00A 138-187w max flow 4100 gph max head 16' 3300 gph @5' 2280 gph @10'

PWM5200 1.10-5.00A 112-308w max flow 5200 gph max head 25' 41600 gph @5' 3140 gph @ 10'


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