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GreenClean Tablets

GreenClean Tablets

GreenClean Tablets

Fish Safe

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Brand: BioSafe Systems



GreenClean Tablets

If you love GreenClean Granular Algaecide then you will love GreenClean Tabs! GreenClean Tablets control algae in water gardens and ornamental ponds while in a convenient tablet form.

GreenClean Tablets is best used as a maintenance product. For extreme pond clean outs, first use GreenClean Granular. Wait one week to apply GreenClean Tablets.

Apply GreenClean Tablets according to recommended rates. When applying GreenClean Tablets, distribute evenly throughout the pond. Recommended dosage 1# for every 2250 gallons.

New scoopable mini tablets. 1 scoop treats 200 gallons. Each tablet measures approximately 1/4" dia x 3/8" high.

Application Rates
Pond Size Scoops
200 gal 1
400 gal 2
600 gal 3
800 gal 4
1,000 gal 5
1,200 gal 6

Benefits include:
No Measuring Required
Can Be Applied in Water Containing Live Fish and Plants
Use in the Heat of the Summer to Help Control Algae Blooms
Copper Alternative
EPA Registered
Works On Contact to Control All Types of Algae

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