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UltraClear Flocculent

UltraClear Flocculent

UltraClear Flocculent

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Brand: Ultra Clear

SKU: Ucl1230


UltraClear Flocculent

produces and maintains crystal clear water overnight by clumping particulates including silt, algae, loose sediment, etc. The clumps can be filtered from the pond or can settle to the bottom (usually 12-24 hours) Safe for Fish and Plants.

Treats up to 8000 gallons per 16 oz
Treats up to 64,000 gallons per gallon
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Poor clarity results from suspended and colloidal materials in the pond water. Examples of suspended material are fine clay or silt particles that do not settle, free-swimming algae or other microorganisms, and tiny bits of decaying organic matter. These materials are so small that they remain suspended and do not settle to the bottom. Colloidal materials are smaller yet, and stay in suspension.

Instant Pond Clarifier is a polymer product with the ability to clump small particles together. When these materials are clumped together by the action of Instant Pond Clarifier, they become larger and heavier and sink to the bottom or become large enough to be filtered out. Flocculents work best in conjunction with bacterial products such as Microbelift pl 


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