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Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump

Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump

Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump

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Brand: Leader Pumps

SKU: Ldr36


Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump

Leader Submersible pumps have set a new standard in pump technology with environmentally friendly oil-less motors, capacitor start for instant torque and DOUBLE BALL BEARINGS for high efficiency and quiet operation.

SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FOUNTAINS AND PONDS. Environmentally safe high quality pump for water gardening and waterfalls. Corrosion proof, Ceramic shaft sleeve and TRIPLE SEALS provide extended life in abrasive environments for long life. No screws to corrode or vibrate loose. Energy efficient motor. No oil used in motor. Solids handling up to 1-18"(30mm).


1380 gph; 220w 2.5A Max head 11', 1/4hp 1200 gph@2', 900gph@6', 700gph@8' 16' cord
Solid Answer 4

2160 gph; 330w 3.3A Max head 18' 1/3hp 1940gph@2', 1680gph@6', 1280g[j@10' 16' cord
Solid Answer 5

3840 gph; 650w 6.5A Max Head 31'. 1/2hp 3370gph@8', 2870gph@16' 16' cord
Solid Answer 6


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