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Microbe-lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe-lift Ammonia Remover

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Brand: Microbe-Lift

SKU: Eml165


Microbe-lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe-lift Ammonia Remover Neutralizes Toxic Ammonia, Chlormine and Clorine. It gives beneficial bacteria time to multiply and recover if the biological filter gets damaged keeping pond fish from being stressed.

Every ounce removes 1.25 ppm of toxic ammonia in 150 gallons of pond water by forming an irreversible complex to reduce free ammonia to safe levels.

May be used at startup when making water changes, replacing lost water due to evaporation or when your pond is overstocked with too many fish.

Neutralizes residual chlorine and destroys deadly chloramine

Naturally, safe for use with all pond fish and aquatic life.


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