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Microbe-lift Defoamer

Microbe lift Defoamer

Microbe-lift Defoamer

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Brand: Microbe-Lift

SKU: Eml168


Microbe lift Defoamer

eliminates foam in Seconds! It gets rid of unsightly foam fast, leaving pond water clean and clear. Persistent foaming can indicate a heavy concentration of undissolved organics. Partial water changes can improve water quality which will help reduce foaming. For ponds and fountains of all sizes.
1 oz per 500 gallons.

Safe for fish, plants, birds and aquatic life.


Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Microbe-lift Defoamer
This product will clear up foam in your koi pond in second.
I can see my fish better even with the water falls running.
Reviewed Tue, Jul 10 2012 11:27 am by
Image 5.0 stars out of 5

I had a foam problem and tried everything from regular water changes to adding a surface skimmer...nothing worked. I just added microbe-lift defoamer and within seconds...NO MORE FOAM!!! Amazing product. Microbe-Lift has done it again.

Reviewed Mon, Apr 28 2014 12:26 pm by

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