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Algae-Off® - String Algae Remover

Algae-Off - String Algae Remover

Algae-Off® - String Algae Remover

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Price: Varies with Selection

Brand: Crystal Clear

SKU: Win82


Algae Off String Algae Remover

Algae-Off  will help remove attached organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks. Use the maintenance dosage weekly and eliminate complete pond shut down and annual clean-outs.

2 lbs, 10 lbs and 25 lbs

Application Rates

Heavy Organic Material: 3 – 16 Tablespoons For Every 1000 Gallons Of Pond Water

Maintenance Dosage: 1 – 5 Teaspoons Per 1000 Gallons Of Pond Water

Spot Treatment: 1 – 5 Teaspoons Per Affected Area
Use Weekly

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