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Fountec's organic polymers keep statuary water cleaner, clearer, and algae-free without chlorine and laborious scrubbing. Fountec is an EPA registered product which utilizes a unique control mechanism to kill and inhibit algae without harming the environment. Unaffected by heat, sunlight and evaporation, Fountec also outlasts and outperforms copper,enzyme and quat based products. A small dose of Fountec lasts up to a week or more and is very economical due to its concentrated formula. 20 drops treats 10 gallons. 2 Tsp. treats 100 gallons.

Fountec treated water is very safe for birds, plants, pets, and animals, but this formulation is not safe for fish. (it coats their gills)


Unlike SIMIZINE based algaecides, Fountec is safe for plants and pets.

Unlike QUAT based algaecides, Fountec will not foam and cause cloudy water, plus it also kills bacteria and slime.

Unlike COPPER based algaecides, Fountec will not stain surfaces.

Unlike ENZYMES based products, Fountec quickly kills algae at an affordable cost.


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