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Dual Discharge Pump by Little Giant

Little Giant Dual Discharge Pump

Dual Discharge Pump by Little Giant

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Brand: Little Giant

SKU: Fra245


Dual Discharge Pump by Little Giant | WGP-Series

Little GIANT WGP Series pumps are efficient, oil-less, direct drive and dual discharge pumps. They produce greater pressure so each can serve two water features simultaneously.The corrosion-resistant submersible body is designed for non-potable, continuous operation.This pump has the unique feature of having dual 1-1/4” FNPT discharges and has been designed to operate waterfalls, streams, and fountainheads or just circulate the water in your pond. The uniqueness of the dual discharges will allow the possibility of performing two of the above tasks at the same time without having to purchase two pumps. The pump has included with it a cap plug that will allow one of the discharges to be closed if only one discharge is to be utilized. An elbow adapter is also included to adapt from the discharge of the pump to either 1” smooth tubing (WGP-65-PW) or 1-1/4” smooth tubing (WGP-80-PW, WGP-95-PW), depending on the model of pump chosen. The pump can either be installed in the upright or vertical position.

Submersible Pond pump capable of operating multiple components or features simultaneously. Perfect for a filter and a waterfall. Improved torque produces higher pressure than mag drive pumps. The pump can either stand up or can be laid down on its side. This pump is designed for continuous use.

 3 models available:

 WGP-65 1900 gph (566409) Max Lift 20 Feet

 WGP-80 3500 gph, (566417) Max Lift 29 Feet

  WGP-95 4300 gph (566407)  Max Lift 30 Feet

NOTE: When using both discharge ports, your flow rate wil be cut in half.

See additional information for specs.


WGP-65 1900 gph
1.25 FNPT discharge and 1.25 MNPT discharge cap. 1" barb elbow adapter. Size 9.6" L x 8.1" H x 6.35" W.
2 amps (max) 230 watts, 1/3 hp.
Max lift 20 feet
1' = 1900 gph
5' = 1250 gph
10' = 785 gph
20' = 325 gph
16' cord length.

WGP-80 3500 gph
1.25 FNPT discharge and 1.25 MNPT discharge cap. 1 1/4" barbed adapter. Size 11.0" L x 8.1" H x 6.35" W

6.3 Amps, 700 Watts Max Lift 29.5 Feet
1' = 3500 gph
5' = 3200 gph
10' = 2700 gph
20' = 1300 gph
16' Cord Length

WGP-95 4280 gph
1.25 FNPT discharge and 1.25 MNPT discharge cap. 1.25" barb elbow adapter. Size 11.0" L x  8.1" H x 6.35" W. 6.3 amps (max) 700 watts, 5/8 hp.
Max lift 30'
5' = 4000 gph
10' = 3500 gph
20' = 2200 gph
16' cord length.


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