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Pond Salt

Pond Salt

Pond Salt

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Brand: Pond Care

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Pond Salt

Pond Care all natural sea salt is an all-natural sea salt that replaces electrolytes essential for the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia. Use as a tonic for your fish or for mild infections.. For ponds with plants add 1 1/4 cups for each 100 gallons. For ponds without plants add 2 1/2 cups for each 100 gallons.

Disease Treatment: Short term salt baths are beneficial to kill external parasites and treat fungal infections. In a plastic container dissolve 2 1/2 cups of pond salt in 10 gallons of pond water.Place infected fish in salt bath for 5-10 minutes only. May be repeated every 24 hours.

For an approximate 1% salt solution add 1# per 100 gallons of pond water.

Treats 300 gallons per 1/2 gallon. Can also be used to treat some fish illnesses at a rate up to 3# per 100 gallons (3%)


Salt does not disapate in your pond. Only a water change can reduce the salt concentration.


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