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Microbe-lift TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) DRY

Microbe-lift TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) DRY

Microbe-lift TAC (Totally Active Clarifiers) DRY

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Brand: Microbe-Lift

SKU: Eml051


Microbe lift TAC

From the makers of Microbe lift PL comes a specifically formulated dry bacterial product that promotes clear, clean pond water by developing highly active microbial populations that break down, degrade and eliminate all organic waste matter from your pond system.

This simple to use, no mixing product aids in the development of necessary bio-films on pond surfaces, seeds bio filters by removing waste the natural way to benefit fish and all aquatic plant life. It contains NO fillers, only natural safe ingredients. Safe for all marine life, pets, humans and the environment. A natural safe solution to our pond problems.

1oz per 250 gallons for the first four weeks followed by 1oz per 250 gallons twice monthly for maintenance.

Dilute dosage in a 1/2 gallon of lukewarm water. Apply directly over the surface area of the pond.
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8oz treats small ponds 80-250 gallons for 28 weeks.

16 oz treats a 500 gallon pond for 16 weeks.

3lb treats treats a 750 gallon pond for 16 weeks.

5lb treats treats a 2000 gallon pond for 20 weeks.

Also available in a 25 lb bucket.


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