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Holistic Choice

Holistic Choice Koi Food | Koi & Goldfish Food | Healthy Koi Food

Holistic Choice Koi Food from Koi Care Kennel is a unique koi food diet with 38% protein and a healthy serving of eight freeze dried fruits and vegetables giving your koi the natural vitamins and minerals they need for a long, healthy life. You can actually see the fruits and vegetables in this Koi food mix! Your Koi get the benefit of a whole food because the freeze dried process allows maximum preservation thus eliminating the need for a highly processed food. Koi actually need the vitamins and minerals contained in fruits and vegetables. That's why they eat algae and pond plants. Fun Koi tip: cut a lemon or orange in half and toss it in the pond. This serves as a fun Koi toy while giving them a healthy serving of fruit.

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