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Hakko Diaphragm Kit

Hakko Diaphragm Rebuilding kit

Hakko Diaphragm Kit

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Brand: Hakko


Hakko Diaphragm Rebuilding kit

Genuine Hakko Diaphragm rebuilding kit.
The Hakko diaphragm kits are simple to install. They include enough diaphragms to fix both sides.

You will need the following tools for installation:

- 1 medium phillips screwdriver
- 1 small phillips screwdriver
- 1 medium pair of pliers

Note: If your diaphragms are blowing out frequently, you may have excess back pressure. Check that your air hose is large enough and is not kinked. Check your air diffusers for clogging. Air stones need periodic cleaning due to calcium and carbonate buildup in the water. Some areas of the country have hard water with a high calcium level. This calcium can eventually plug up your air stone and create unwanted back pressure on the air pump. Ceramic style air stones need a periodic cleaning with muriatic acid every three months or so in hard water areas and twice a year in soft water ares. Check that the number of air diffusers is sufficient to handle the air output of your Hakko pump. Too few diffusers will create excess back pressure. If you have a manifold you can bleed off exceess air by opening an empty valve

See installation instructions below.


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