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Garden Hose-End Chlorine & Chloramine Filter

Garden Hose Chlorine Filter

Garden Hose-End Chlorine & Chloramine Filter

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Garden Hose Chlorine Filter

works great to minimize chlorine and chlorimine in tap water. Use to top off your pond, hydroponics, organic gardening, filling kiddie pools, or even washing your pooch! Protects the healthy microbiome in ponds and soil. Filters to 5 microns. Easily attaches to your existing garden hose or at the spicket with the attached LEAD FREE solid brass fittings. Can also be plumbed inline. 2 1/2 dia. 9" filter length, 12" overall length. Great to use with the mini vac or leaf vac so you don't end up with chlorine in your pond while you are removing leaves and debris. Guaranteed for one year. Average 7500-10,000 gallons with normal city water.



Image 5.0 stars out of 5
Superior product
Used this filter the entire season topping off my pond every few days due to high midwest heat and small leak in my pond liner. This filter saved me money by not having to buy chemical dechlorinator so often. Won't go a season without buying a new one now
Reviewed Sun, Feb 02 2014 10:25 am by

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