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Fountain Supplies

Fountain Supplies | Fountain Pumps | Pondbiz, Family Owned & Operated

Fountains add a lot to a pond. Our fountain supplies include fountain pumps, fountain accessories and floating fountains. Whether you are looking to set up a new fountain or trying to find the products to help maintain one you already enjoy, we have the fountain supplies you need. If you have a fountain and are interested in supplies like mosquito control, or products to keep statuary water cleaner, clearer, and algae-free, we carry those. If you're considering adding a fountain and in need of the most basic fountain supplies, check out our fountains and fountain pumps to get you started.

Waterfalls add visual interest and soothing sounds to your water feature and building one into your pond or water feature has many benefits, such as increased aeration. When the water falls through the air and collides with the pond its forcing oxygen downwards into the water. Having a pond with high oxygen content helps control any algae problem because algae has a hard time thriving in oxygen rich water.

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