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Foam Removal

Pond Foam Remover | Pond Defoamer | Get rid of Pond Foam

Excess Pond Foam occurs for one of two reasons. But first, knowing the cause of the excess foam will help you determine the right course of action. The most common reason for pond foam comes from spawning fish. This is natural, and will dissipate once your fish have finished their business. If you can't wait, however, Microbelift's Defoamer, or Crystal Clear's Foam-B-Gone work instantly. If your fish are not spawning, the foam is a result of too much accumulated waste and organic matter. Decaying aquatic plants are usually the culprit. Decaying organic matter leads to a spike in phosphates, which then results in pond foam. A Defoamer will temporarily take care of the problem, but you are much better off in treating the underlying issue. Doing a thorough pond clean-out will get your pond back on tract. At the very least, remove excess debris on the bottom of the pond with a  Net or Pond Vacuum and trim back all decaying plants. If the problem continues, get a Test Kit to check phosphate levels.  

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