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Fish Health Care

Koi Diseases | Koi Treatments | Pond Goldfish Diseases

Koi and Goldfish Medications:

Choosing the right fish medication can seem daunting, since general infections can lead to secondary infections thus complicating the issue. Just like with people, once the immune system has been compromised, susceptibility to other illnesses increases. A good way to diagnose a fish disease is to keep it simple. Generally, it's usually one of two common culprits: A bacterial infestation, or a fungal infestation. Bacterial infections are much more common and lead to a greater variety of conditions like Parasites, and Ick etc. Fungal infections are easier to diagnose because they're recognized by whitish cotton like patches and/or a greyish slime coat. If in doubt, give us a call at (877) 766-3249 and we can help you choose the right medication. Otherwise, ProForm C and Microbelift's Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment work exceptionally well, and treat both parasitic and fungal infections. They are top sellers here at Pondbiz. It's also a good idea to use a Medicated Fish Food for a couple of weeks. They won't interfere with any water medication treatments, and will help with any internal infections. Almost all medication treatments require water changes, so be sure to have a dechlorinator on hand. Especially one that adds a slime coat to help heal and protect any wounds. Pondcare's Stress Coat, and Microbelift's Stress Relief are formulated to both dechlorinate and help heal wounds. For quicker wound healing, use Debride's Medicated Ointment. Applied directly to a wound for 4 consecutive days dramatically speeds healing. Be sure to follow the manufactures' specified instructions on all medications, as improper use can diminish effectiveness, or speed your fish into pond heaven. To see all our pond fish medications, click on the links below. 

Koi & Goldfish Disease Prevention:

Besides remedying any water quality issues, there are some easy preventative measures you can take to insure optimal fish health. The top 5 products for Koi & Goldfish disease prevention are: Pond SaltKoi ClayKoizyme, and Microbelift's TheraP and Pond Fish Protectant. For an immune boosting fish food use Microbelift's ImmunoStimulant. Most pond fish diseases come from introducing new fish. Always buy Koi or Goldfish from a reputable source, and quarantine them prior to adding them into your pond. If quarantining them is not possible, treat the whole pond with a broad spectrum medication like the one's mentioned above. Consider purchasing a  Pond UV Clarifier/Sterilizer as they diminish harmful bacteria and parasites. UV Clarifiers/Sterilizers are more known for eradicating green water algae, but they also eliminate some of the nasty little buggers infecting your fish.

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