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Pond Goldfish & Koi Care

2017 Spring Care:

Your fish will slowly become active as soon as the water temperature reaches 55+ degrees. Don't rush out and feed them heavily. They are just re-acclimating themselves to their environment and their metabolism is still a little slow. Only feed them a small amount wheat germ diet for the first week or two. It is easier on their digestive system plus you don't need the fish waste that a high protein diet will produce in your pond while your biological filter is not yet up to speed. Try not to show your enthusiasm by jumping in the pond to clean it. Remember, your fish have been sitting near the bottom of the pond throughout the winter and their immune system can be weakened. They have been living on stored fat and may be susceptible to parasites and other infection. I like to wait a few weeks before starting a serious spring clean to give the fish an opportunity to rebuild their immune system. It is a good time to add  Pond Salt, to your pond at a rate of 1# per hundred gallons of pond water plus  Pond Stress Coat or Aqua Extreme which will replace the natural slime coat on your fish. See all our  Fish Care products and medications.

Are you thinking about adding Koi to your pond this spring or summer. Take a look at our chart of the  varieties of Koi

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