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Pond Deicers

A deicer is used when your pond water freezes over.This allows gases to be released and oxygen to be added to your pond over the coldest of the winter months. They lead to a healthier environment for fish.

A common misconception is that deicers are the same thing as pond heaters and that is just not true. A deicers sole purpose is to open up a hole in your ice to allow harmful gasses to escape whereas a heater is used to raise the temperature of the pond.

Choosing a pond deicer can be a bit tricky. Read our blog post about pond deicers and how to choose the right one for your circumstances. We carry several brands of floating deicer, or a convertible deicer that can be either floating or with the flip of a switch turn into  a submersible deicer.

Read more about how to winterize your pond on our blog.

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