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Pond Conditioners | Pondbiz, Family Owned & Operated

Pond Conditioners assist in maintaining the proper pH level in your pond.

Water quality is the most important thing in our pond. Testing your water should be done weekly. There are simple and inexpensive  Test kits you can use, or if you have a pool, you can use your pool test kit for your pond. Just be sure to check expiration dates on test kits, since they don't have an indefinite shelf life. It's a good idea to test your pond water on a regular basis so you can spot trouble before it is to late. Larger ponds are much more forgiving than smaller ponds when it comes to water quality. It doesn't take much to throw a 500 gallon pond out of balance. On the other hand, it takes a lot to change a 5000 gallon pond. Changing out 10% of your water on a regular basis is good medicine for your pond. When using a pond De-Chlorinator, look for one that is also a conditioner. Basically, you get a few products rolled into one. Microbelift's Aqua Extreme is a good example of this, as is Pondcare's Pond Stress Coat.  Adding small amounts of Pond Salt periodically is also good medicine. Follow manufactures' recommended dosage, as salt does not evaporate. Don't forget to use a Beneficial Bacteria product on a regular basis, as they are essential for a ponds health and clarity.

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