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Chlorine/Ammonia/Nitrite Control

Chlorine & Ammonia Control for Ponds | Dechlorinators for Ponds | Chlorine/Chloramine Remover

When you add water to your pond, be sure to add a De-Chlorinator as well. Chlorine and Chloramines are present in city water and highly toxic to fish. Small additions of water won't threaten aquatic life, as those of you know who have Auto-Fills. However, when back washing or doing water changes, adding a De-Chlorinator is essential. Always be sure to have enough on hand for any emergency: We have seen too many times hoses left on that have decimated entire fish populations. Many Chlorine control products have added ingredients that combat other water issues such as detoxifying nitrite, ammonia, and heavy metals. If you have Koi in your pond they produce ammonia from their gills and vents. It is just part of their waste, and is as natural as can be. However, high levels of ammonia are very toxic to Koi. If you have an ammonia issue, use an Ammonia Remover as they are designed to eliminate ammonia quickly. Get a  Pond Test Kit to check ammonia levels. Additionally, certain "bad" bacteria  can build up in pond filters converting ammonia to nitrites, which are also toxic to Koi, compounding the problem. On the other hand, Beneficial Bacteria helps enormously to break down ammonia and nitrites into less harmful chemicals which alleviates the problem, and is always good to use on a regular basis especially if you have a heavy fish load. For extra insurance, be sure to check out Pondbiz's very own  Hose-End filter that reduces Chlorine and Chloramines and easily attaches to your garden hose or at the spigot. 

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