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Blue Ridge Koi/Pond Food

Blue Ridge Koi & Goldfish Food | Blue Ridge Blend | Color Rich Koi food

Blue Ridge Pond / Koi Food: For a well balanced budget food, check out the food used exclusively at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery. A very cost effective and quality fish food, Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish food has the proper levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. All varieties contain the breakthrough ingredient  Encapcell, which is a microencapsulated nucleotide that increases growth and prevents disease. The economical 25lb bag costs as little as $72.95. The 2lb and 5lb bags come with a  Zip-lock resealable closure. Koi feeding tip: Only feed your fish what they can eat in 3-5 minutes. If you have a skimmer, either turn off the pump during feeding or use a feeding ring to keep the food from entering the skimmer.

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