YES To Aeration!

Aeration is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of having a healthy Koi pond. Maintaining healthy levels of oxygen create a well balanced ecosystem that in turn promotes fish and plant health. Aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen which bolsters the amount of aerobic bacteria in your pond which in turn feeds on excess organic matter thus reducing the amount of nutrients in the pond that algae feeds off of. Soon the algae loses its nutrients and begins to die off.

Thankfully, supplying oxygen to a pond that is in need is very simple. For starters, all Aquatic plants help oxygenate water, especially the Vallisneria varieties such as Jungle Val. Don’t overload your pond with too many fish. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator with too many people? It’s the same principal—no one can breathe! Rule of thumb is 1 koi per 100 gallons. The best thing you can do for your pond is adding an air pump. You can supply oxygen where you need it, and it will oxygenate your water if your main pond pump goes out. If you have that then you should be golden.

Pond Aeration

Aerators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices but a few that we’ve found to be the most reliable are the Aquascape PondAir 2 the Aquascape PondAir 4, Laguna’s Aerator kits, PondMaster’s Air Pumps the Hakko air pumps, Tetra’s whisper air pump and even the Solar Pond Oxygenator made by Smart . All Pump Rebuilding Kits of these aerators can be found and easily purchased on our website.

Take a deep breath and happy ponding!
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