Vacuums - The Best Way to Clean Your Pond

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Muck Vac Pond vacuum
It’s come to be the time of year where your pond really needs a thorough cleaning and there are so many different products out there that you may feel a little overwhelmed with all the choices. Today I’m going to show you a couple vacuums that really stand out and do a great job.

The Muck Vac.
Perfect for use in small applications, no electricity is required to use it because it is powered by your garden hose! Amazing right, the hose water builds up pressure in the head piece of the muck vac which starts spinning the water and creates suction no water is added to the pond in this process and all discharge water can be used to feed a garden or flowerbed. Easy to use and very reliable. (requires a minimum hose pressure of 50psi)

The Matala Pond Vac 2

This is not your everyday ordinary pond vacuum, the Matala pond vac 2 is really more at home in medium sized ponds but can be used in pretty much any pond application. This unit really lives up to its nickname “Muck Buster” and with its powerful 2HP motor it is able to suck water up 5′ above water level. The Matala Pond Vac 2 does not run continuously and stops running as soon as the vac has been filled with debris then it discharges all the muck and sludge wherever you want it to go. (this vacuum requires electricity)

The Pond O Vac 4
The king of all pond vacuums, this amazing piece of technology is meant to handle any size pond, or swimming pool and it can even be used as a wet vac! Features:

  • Dual-chamber Vacuum System: Two cylinders alternate suction and drain cycle to provide continuous suction.
  • Sludge Drain with Drain Hose: Dual-discharge option for draining waste water directly into flower bed.
  • Aluminum Extension Tubes: Lightweight bend-resistant tubes. Safe, even in swimming pools with chlorine.
  • Transparent Extension Tube: Allows easy visual inspection of debris material.
  • Universal Multi-Tool: Removes pond sludge without taking in pond gravel.
  • String Algae Tool: Separates string algae strands for easy removal.
  • Brush Tool: Scrub away stubborn encrusted dirt and deposits.
  • Flat Surface Tool: Rollers and integrated brushes make cleaning large, level surfaces found in pools and swim ponds a breeze.
  • Wet Vacuum Tool: “Squeegee” away soiled water or residual water during use as a wet vacuum cleaner.

PondOVac 4

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