UV Clarifiers

Algae is a consistent problem for pond owners, so much so that we recently devoted an entire blog to the subject (which can be found here). There are many possible solutions and cures to an algae problem, including chemical treatments and removing it by hand. However, the most effective and long-lasting solution for green water algae is to install a UV Clarifier.

Algae bloom can turn a pond green after just one day of bright sunshine. There is no reason to tolerate pea-soup pond water when you can keep this type of algae away permanently by installing an ultraviolet water clarifier. They completely eliminate green water algae and even kill some common bacteria, fungus and parasites that may harm fish. Keep your pond clear and free of algae so you can enjoy your beautiful plants and vibrant fish that make it their home.  A good clarifier provides permanent algae control removes heavy algae blooms – usually within five days.

The UV Clarifiers that we carry are energy efficient and designed especially for Koi ponds and water gardens. Be sure to size your UV Clarifier correctly for your pond and pump. Which size you need depends upon the size of your pond and the volume of water your pump produces. If your pump is oversized for the UV filter the water does not spend enough time in front of the UV bulb resulting in less than the desired results. Other factors include the amount of sunlight your pond gets as well as the number of fish you have and how often you feed them. If your pond is right on the borderline, opt for a larger UV. No one ever complains that their water is too clear.

If your flow rate exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation you can reduce the flow by installing a by-pass which uses a ball valve to slow down the flow going to the UV without slowing down the flow of the pump. It is easy to install and requires two TEE’s and one ball valve. We can send you a diagram if you email us and request one. We also recommend that you change your UV bulb annually, even if it is still burning. After a year it will not be at full efficiency and effectiveness.

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