The Right Pond Pump?

Every pond owner runs into the same problem every once in awhile and some pond owners run in to it much more often, this dilemma effects anybody who has a pond and even those moving towards installing a pond, it’s almost unavoidable. The problem they face is which pump to choose, whether they spend one hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. There are so many different pumps for different applications and so many manufacturers that choosing the right pump for you can be one of the biggest headaches in the entire pond installation. Knowing the right pond pump to use can save you hours of headache and hundreds of dollars; you need a pump that is energy efficient, quiet, versatile, cost effective and above all reliable, if this is what you want then you’re looking for the PondMaster Pro Hy-Drive, with seven models ranging from 1600 to 6000 GPH, HY-Drive pumps are easy on the wattage, yet are powerful enough to create a dynamic, attractive waterfall or drive a medium to large size skimmer and has an extra long 20′ cord.

The heavy-duty polypropylene enclosure has a built-in carry handle and an effective molded-in debris screen to protect the impeller from most any debris inside of the pond which would normally damage the impeller and reduce the performance of your pump. HY-Drive pumps can be positioned vertically or horizontally and are equally at home underwater as a submersible pump or can be adapted as an inline, external pumping source so they can be placed wherever you need them to be. These pumps are suitable for a very wide variety of ponds because of their different sizes and are backed by a three year limited manufacturer warranty, so no matter which one you purchase you can take solace in knowing that for three years if your pump stops working that you will be sent a brand new one completely free. PondMaster also sells replacement parts just in case the pre-filter cage breaks or your impeller is damaged you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pump to get your water feature looking like it did before disaster struck. So consider this amazingly well crafted pond pump when it comes time to purchase a new pump, and save yourself hours of headache.
Happy ponding!
The PondBiz family.

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