The Big Freeze

It’s cooling down across the United States and that means our ponds are going to go through some changes. Today I’m going to talk about de-icers, what are they? Which one should I use?

First things first…. A de-icer is used when your pond water freezes over. A common misconception is that de-icers are the same thing as pond heaters and that is just not true. A de-icers sole purpose is to open up a hole in your ice to allow harmful gasses to escape whereas a heater is used to raise the temperature of the pond.

Unfortunately choosing a de-icer is a little more complicated and it depends on which
zone you are in *please reference the zone chart below* and how many gallons you have.


thermopondFor smaller ponds: If you are located anywhere from zone 2 to zone 9 and you have 1000 gallons or less than the ThermoPond 3 100w de-icer is the de-icer for you. Perfect for use with plastic pre-formed ponds or rubber liners this unit is thermostatically controlled to turn on or off depending on the temperature and it is never too hot to handle *If you have more than 1000 gallons additional units can be used*.
This unit really stands out in energy efficiency and its versatility makes it one of our favorites here at PondBiz.

PondmasterFor medium sized ponds: Now if you have over 1000 gallons and you don’t want to double up on the smaller de-icers then you have to go up in wattage. Like I said before the zones are important so we are going to cover zones 2 through 9 with another one of the PondBiz favorites. The PondMaster floating winter pond de-icer, good for up to 2000 gallons and it has all of the bells and whistles that you could want in a pond de-icer *within reason..*

For Larger Ponds 3000 Gallons and up: I would recommend the Laguna Power Heat 500w De-icer, this unit is suitable for zones 1 through 8 and is good for a wide variety of ponds as with all of our de-icers it is completely safe for use in a liner pond with fish or any manner of aquatic life.
Laguna also makes a smaller size de-icer which is 315w for less demanding applications. These units both contain an LED indicator light telling you when it is on and when it’s off.

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