The Big Freeze

It’s cooling down across the United States and that means our ponds are going to go through some changes. Today I’m going to talk about de-icers, what are they? Which one should I use? First things first…. A de-icer is used when your pond water freezes over. A common misconception is that de-icers are the […]

Pond De-icers Tip

Pond heaters can be use to create a hole in the ice, preventing your pond from freezing over, no matter how cold it gets during the winter. This is beneficial because it allows gases like oxygen to be exchanged between the air and the water all year long. One thing to remember is that you […]

Get Ready for Winter! Pondbiz has all the products you need!

Now is the time to prepare your pond for winter. It’s important to take steps to clean your pond in preparation for winter and maintain an area that is ice-free throughout the cold season in order to protect your fish, plants and entire aquatic ecosystem! Pondbiz carries all the products necessary to keep a healthy […]