How to resurface your pond or pool

Pond Shield and its many uses:   Pond Shield is a fantastic epoxy that is used to waterproof ponds, fountains, aquariums, pools, and animal drinking locations. It can be applied to concrete, shotcrete, gunnite, stone, tile, wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and many more surfaces. Pond Shield is fish and plant safe and comes in clear […]

Is beneficial bacteria essential to my pond?

  Absolutely!  While many pond owners view using bacteria as an unusual way to purify their water, it is actually the most natural way to do it. That is how nature cleans the environment. Ultimately all waste products in the environment have to be recycled back to the biosphere, and bacteria are nature’s recyclers. The […]

Algae control part 2

  Read Algae Control Part 1. For long term algae control, prevention is always the best policy. Barley straw products and phosphate removers do a good job when used regularly. Barley Straw by Microbelift or barley bales work well. Excess phosphates lead to algae bloom. They occur primarily from decaying vegetation and debris,but can also […]

Algae Control Part 1

Algae is usually the #1 problem for pond owners. But when treated accurately, algae can be controlled. Firstly, the most important thing to know is which type of algae you have in order to choose the right product. Basically there are 2 categories of algae: If you have green water algae, that is, if you scoop up […]

How to keep your Pond Clear

  The biggest question we hear at Pondbiz is “How do I keep my pond water clear?” The first thing we tell people is that having the right size filter in relation to the water volume is essential. For example, if your pond is 1000 gallons you want a filter that changes the water every […]

Algae: pond enemy #1

Algae are the bane of all pond owners! It clogs up filters, clouds our beautiful ponds and can wreak havoc on our fish. How can we control this insufferable pond annoyance? What are the root causes of their presence? Read on to find out. The Problem: There are two main types: Green Water Algae (also […]