How to Choose Koi

When it comes down to choosing Koi all that really matters is what you want to see in your pond, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you see a fish that you like then that is really all that matters. However, there are certain traits people look for in a fish […]

Feeding Your Koi in Summer

What, and how much to feed your fish is always on the mind of pond owners. It is important to remember that your fish get most of their nourishment, vitamins and minerals from the food you feed them. Remember when it comes to feeding your fish to only buy a brand name with strict high […]

Q. Can I feed my Koi fruits and vegetables?

A. Absolutely, however, Koi have a generally weak immune system as do all ornamental fish due to systematic breeding in order to accentuate the colors and body types that we find desirable in the Koi, consequently, their diet needs to be specially formulated to provide them with the correct balance of necessary vitamins and minerals […]

Get Ready for Winter! Pondbiz has all the products you need!

Now is the time to prepare your pond for winter. It’s important to take steps to clean your pond in preparation for winter and maintain an area that is ice-free throughout the cold season in order to protect your fish, plants and entire aquatic ecosystem! Pondbiz carries all the products necessary to keep a healthy […]