With Summer around the corner, sticking to your pond maintenance routine will make all the difference in keeping your pond healthy and clear. To make it easy, I’ve comprised a ‘to do list’ that will keep your pond in perfect balance and looking great.

  • 1. Backflush and/or rinse media in your filter once a week. This is your ponds engine, if it gets overloaded with too much gunk, so will your pond. If your filter media is thinning out, replace it now before summer really gets going. Make sure your UV bulb is working properly, and change it if its been more than a year since your last replacement. This is the time of year you need it the most!


  • 2. Be vigilant with your BENEFICIAL BACTERIA. I always increase my usage of MICROBELIFT PL in the Summer to stay ahead of the increase in fish waste and plant debris. I also like to add a flocculent or barley straw product to help keep things really clear.


  • 3. Stay ahead of the algae brigade. In cooler weather, algae is much more forgiving, and doesn’t proliferate as quickly; but in the Summer, it can turn into the Incredible Hulk overnight. I had a customer once tell me that while he was taking a shower, the algae multiplied so quickly he was sure it was going to creep into his house and eat him. In short, it moves fast in the Summer, so stay on top of it before it eats you up. That’s why doing the first 2 maintenance points on this list are so important. If you start to see more algae than usual (a little is fine) nip it in the bud.

    GREENCLEAN (best for string algae)
    ALGAWAY 5.4 (best for green water algae).

  • 4. If algae is really getting you down, and you’re doing everything right; check your ponds phosphate levels, here’s why: Phosphate, which is caused by a decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter, and fish waste is only harmless in concentrations below 0.3 ppm in pond water. Excess phosphates lead to pond foam and supply nutrients for a spectacular algae bloom. Getting them under control will help solve your algae problem. Cleaning out your pond will help enormously since they occur primarily from decaying vegetation and debris. Unfortunately, most tap water has phosphate already added to it by your water company in order to preserve the pipes that bring the water to your house. Check your tap water phosphate levels too. Using a phosphate remover regularly might be necessary.


  • 5.With Summer comes mosquitoes. Get free mosquito fish from your city, just call your local councilman’s office for info. If you have a water feature that you don’t want to put fish in you can use a MOSQUITO CONTROL PRODUCT.

  • 6. If you have water lilies or lotus, be sure to fertilize regularly. They will flower much more for you! Unfortunately, we already ran out of a lot of our plants this year. All our lotus, the night bloomers (my favorites) and most of our tropical lilies are gone. So if you have been thinking about getting some plants, get them now before they are all gone!


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