Now that pond season is coming into full swing, proper water care will make all the difference in keeping your pond in tip top shape. Adequate filtration is always at the heart of a healthy pond. The better the filtration, the better the pond. You shouldn’t have to rely on an extensive amount of water care products in order to keep your pond clean and healthy. If poor filtration is an issue, check into upgrading or supplementing with a Pond Filter or added Aeration. With that said, pond care maintenance products can pick up the slack, and reduce the burden on your filter.

How do I choose the right pond care product? Unfortunately, the term “water clarifier” has been so broadly used by the pond industry that the average or new pond owner often chooses the wrong product for their specific problem. Case in point: Beneficial Bacteria, and Flocculents are often referred to as “clarifiers,” which they are, yet they are also fundamentally very different. For example, Beneficial Bacteria Products seed and maintain biological filters, and “clarify” by dissolving sludge and waste. They also break down algae, reduce ammonia and nitrogen, and improve oxygen levels. Flocculents on the other hand, clump tiny suspended particulates so your filter can actually ‘catch’ them. Suspended particulates look like dust in the air, yet in water instead. Think of it as dusty water.

As you can see, these two “clarifiers” do very different things. To understand product labeling, keep this in mind: all Beneficial Bacteria products are referred to as ‘Clarifiers.’ Conversely, not all Pond Clarifiers are Beneficial Bacteria products. To help clarify
this issue (no pun intended), we have two categories on our website: Beneficial Bacteria Products and Pond Clarifiers. To keep it simple, Everyone should be using some type of Beneficial Bacteria product regularly. Microbelift Pl is still are favorite here at Pondbiz, but there are some great Pond Clarifiers like the Flocculents we just mentioned that target a specific problem such as Rapidclear and Microbelift’s Flocculent Plus . Some manufactures have taken Pond Clarifiers to another level by combining Beneficial Bacteria with other ingredients such as Enzymes, Barley, and/or Flocculents. See Crystal Clears Clarity Max for a combination of Beneficial Bacteria, Enzymes, and Barley, and/or Acurel-E for a combination of a Flocculent and Beneficial Bacteria.

We’ve seen the best results in pond clarity from our customers’ who use a Beneficial Bacteria product regularly, and supplement with a target product for their specific issue. If you’re not sure what the heck your specific issue is, give us a call at 1-877-766-3249

Stay tuned for Pond Water Care Part 2 when we discuss Chlorine Control and Conditioners.

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