Predators can wreck havoc in your pond and decimate your fish population. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable precautions you can take to avoid hosting an all you can eat buffet.

Identifying which predator is stalking your pond will better equip you with which method of protection you need to implement.

    Herons, Egrets, Owls and even Hawks can pluck fish from ponds in one fell swoop. Running fishing line over the pond in a criss cross fashion prevents birds from swooping in. They land like a plane, not a helicopter, so, by limiting the runway they can’t effectively swoop or land in the pond. Decoys can also deter birds by fooling them into thinking “This spot has already been taken!” Be sure to move the decoy around periodically to ensure the real birds don’t catch on. The Floating Gator scares off a number of birds and is surprisingly realistic. With Halloween just around the corner the additional “boo” factor fits right in. Pond nets always work well, and we have lots to choose from in different sizes and mesh width. If your pond doesn’t have a built in hiding place for your fish or is to shallow, check out the Koi Kastles. They come in three sizes and offer immediate shelter if your fish are smart enough to duck for cover.
    Raccoons in particular are clever critters. If there is a way to get to a tasty meal they will find it. One night my Dad witnessed two raccoons fishing together. One of them was actually holding the other’s feet in an attempt to reach further into the pond. Clever little critters!
    To deter Raccoons and other land animals, netting the pond completely will keep them out. While not the most attractive solution they do work and you can usually remove the net once the critters have moved on. Most land predators are nocturnal and are easily scared away by motion activated lights.

One of my favorite NEW products is the Predator Deterrent Light. We have received such good feedback on it that I put one in to protect my vegetable garden. I haven’t had an incident in 8 months and it was super easy to install. What is particularly great about it is that it is solar! It works by mimicking the eyes of other animals that triggers the flight response in wild animals. When night falls, alternating flashing red lights come on automatically and stays on until daybreak. Effective against: Raccoons, opossum, Coyote, Fox, Owls, Hawks and more!
Happy Ponding to you (not critters) !
The Pondbiz Family

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