Pond Lighting

pondlightsHey everybody! Today I’m here to talk about why pond lighting is so amazing to have and how it greatly enhances the already rewarding experience of owning any kind of water feature. Lighting your pond or water feature adds a type of flair a real kind of “Wow!” factor, and the difference between a water feature that is lighted at night and one that isn’t is…well… night and day!

I want you to imagine when you are going to look at a car; sure all the cars are clean and nice but none of them look quite as nice as the one up there on the pedestal in the middle of the showroom, and that’s because that one car is the best lit car in the entire showroom. The same principal applies to a water feature and if you want yours to really stand out above the rest, pond lighting is essential.

Getting started is not easy and choosing what to use to light your pond can be very confusing, remember that if possible it’s always best to see the lights in person then decide what lights you need. LED’s and Halogen lighting are pretty much what you are going to be seeing and each has their own advantages, LED’s are usually more expensive but use less energy whereas Halogen lighting is generally less costly but they are a little more energy demanding. I cannot stress enough that you buy underwater or landscape lighting from trusted manufacturers such as Alpine, Atlantic, Aquascape or Laguna I recommend these because they are very good companies and they design their lights to last.fountainlights

Aquascape makes very good lights and has recently revamped some of their LED spotlights which have made them a very interesting lighting choice. Their 1 watt LED spotlight not only gives out about as much light as a 10 watt halogen but it also has a long 5 year warranty which is unprecedented as far as pond lighting goes. Aquascape also has 3 watt and 6 watt spotlights as well as a waterfall light variant of the 1w spotlight; the 1 watt spotlight can also be purchased in a 3 light kit to get the most out of your money.
If you are looking to light your pond but want color instead of the normal white light the new SOL color changing lights by Atlantic Water gardens are the way to go. With the ability to choose between 48 different color options and the ability to dim or brighten your lights the SOL color changers really set the bar in quality and with a small 1-3 watt spotlight a large 3-6 watt spotlight and a 7 watt color changing light ring these lights can be used in almost any situation to really give your pond that “Wow!” factor. The smaller lights also come in a 3 light kit with everything you need to get them running at a cheaper price then buying them individually.

Ponds, pond-less waterfalls, fountains or any water feature is a lot of hard work and for all that hard work they should be enjoyed as much as possible. Adding a couple lights to your existing water feature enables you to enjoy what you have put so much hard work into even after nature decides that it’s time to turn the lights off. Lighting really is worth the investment it just enhances the already rewarding aspect of owning a pond and you really are missing out if you don’t already own a lighting system. Thanks for reading everyone! Happy ponding!

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