Pond Fish Nutrition

Pond Fish Nutrition

Feeding your fish the right food at the right time is essential for their health. Additionally, there are foods tailored to your preferences and goals. Let’s say you want really big fish like my customer Mario. He cracks me up because he will always buy the biggest fish in the store. When I try to persuade him to choose smaller and less expensive fish with nice markings he tell’s me: “Honey, I’m an old man, I can’t see those little fish, and I might be dead tomorrow who knows. Give me your biggest fish!” So for all the Mario’s out there you want to feed your fish a food that accelerates growth. Microbelift Growth and Energy, Saki Hikari Professional, and Hikari Hi-Growth.

For those of you that prefer vibrant colors: Tetra Koi Vibrance, Microbelift Summer Staple, Saki Hikari Color, Hikari Excel, and Hikari Spirulina all do a great job.

For those of you that want it all: koi clay slurried up with a growth food covers all the bases. Clay enhances color, and improves fish health and water quality. It’s one of my favorite products because it does a lot without breaking the bank. Microbelift Calcium Montmorillonite clay, and Koi Clay.

When choosing a fish food look for a high quality protein as the main ingredient. Not all proteins are created equal. Generally, marine fish meal represents the highest quality of protein available. Other proteins like poultry feather meal are poorly digested by fish thus making it a less nutritious protein. Look for a food that contains algae meals, yeast, chelated forms of vitamins and minerals, and probiotics. Don’t forget koi like their fruits and greens too! Try feeding them soft fruits such as strawberries and watermelon. If you are lucky enough to have a lemon or orange tree cut the fruit in half and toss it in the pond. The fish will play with it and eat the pulp out.

For those of you that like to get the most bang for your buck ( who doesn’t?) Microbelift’s Variety mix 40# bag is the best deal out there $131.95. It’s a high quality food, plus getting 12 extra pounds free. It’s a top seller here at the store. A good quality koi and goldfish food that’s economical is Blue Ridge. They have a Color Rich, Growth, and a Blend. A 5# bag will run you about $16 bucks.

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