Pond Biz Email Blast - Earth Day - LET"S GO AU NATUREL FOR EARTH DAY!

In celebration of Earth Day let’s look at some natural alternatives for some common pond problems.It all starts with balance. When a pond is in balance it virtually takes care of itself. Finding the source of an imbalance can save time and $$$! Let’s go through some key points to help you identify if you’re fighting a losing battle.

1. Fish to water ratio should be 1 Koi per 100 gallons.

2. Filter size should match or exceed the volume of water you have in your pond. For example, if you have a 1000 gallons, your filter should be capable of filtering 1000 gallons every hour.

3. Leave your filtering system on 24/7. Turning it off leaves your pond susceptible to beneficial bacteria die-off.

4. If you have more fish than your pond is capable of supporting, then increase your filtration accordingly.

5. Aerate! Even if you have a waterfall, adding an air pump in stagnant areas makes a tremendous difference.

6. Leaf drop is a bummer. If you have trees close by and leaf drop is an issue (especially in the fall), then cover your pond with a net. An excess of decaying leaves creates that brownish tea colored effect.

7. If you have too much debris and sludge at the bottom of your pond you will need to do a clean-out (check out our last newsletter on this topic if you missed it). At a certain point, no product is going to give you the results you want without doing a clean-out. Do the hard, stinky work now, and spend less time and money in the long run.

8. Create some shade when the weather heats up. Aquatic plants do a great job of this, especially water lilies, hyacinth, water lettuce, and parrots feather. Aquatic plants also compete with algae for nutrients, not to mention that they are a key component in keeping your pond well balanced.

Now, If your pond is looking good, and nothing on this list made you think “no wonder,” then take a look at some natural yet effective product alternatives.On the other hand, if your pond is looking funky, and you did get that “no wonder” moment, then deal with the root of the issue first, instead of looking for that miracle product.


One of our best sellers is the hose-end filter. It’s a natural and cost effective de-chlorinator alternative. It attaches at the end of your hose or at the spigot and removes chlorine and chloramines.It filters up to 5 microns and is made out of granular activated carbon.It’s effective up to 10,000 gallons or approximately one year. It’s not only great for pond use, but also for hydroponics and organic gardening. Beneficial microorganisms that live in water and soil are protected because the chlorine/ chloramines are removed before they get there.


A.Barley products work great as an algae preventitive.The interesting story behind how barley was proven effective against algae was by accident; a load of barley got dropped into an algae infested waterway. Apparently, the compound in barley inhibits the growth of algae. Liquid Barley extract by Microbelift is the fastest acting, but you can also purchase it in pellets and bales.

B. Adding aeration greatly reduces algae bloom. Besides an air pump, consider a decorative spitter or oxygenating plants to boost oxygen levels.

C. Using your beneficial bacteria regularly cuts down on debris and fish waste that algae feeds off of. Bump up your bacteria use when algae is starting to form. If you want a double duty product, check out pondzyme and clarity max. They are a combo of beneficial bacteria and barley.


A. To help keep your fish healthy, try Thera-p by Microbelift. It works by reducing environmental stress; promotes rapid fish growth, and increases resistance to pathogens and parasites. It oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites. It’s great when fish overpopulation exists, and when oxygen levels are down.

B. Another great natural product is Koi Clay. It not only supports fish health, but does triples duty by clarifying the water, and enhancing fish color.

C. Pond Salt is a super stress reducer, and helps eradicate parasitic infestations. Follow dosing instructions accordingly, because salt does not evaporate.

Getting your pond and keeping your pond balanced is always a challenge. A vacation to the Caribbean (while aunt May overfed the fish); Or too much rain, or too much shine; or just a lapse in maintenance can throw a pond out of whack. Being prepared, and having the right products will make things easier for you when a hiccup happens. Simple and natural solutions do exist! I’ve had many customers tell me that after they installed an air pump their green water cleared up. I also have some customers swear by barley products.The best feedback I get is about Microbelift PL and how it cleared up their cloudy water. On the flip side, I’ve heard too many times that a water hose was left on that consequently led to fish loss. So take a look at some of these products, and let nature help you keep things balanced!

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Happy Ponding, and happy Earth Day!

The Pondbiz family

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