Planning Ahead for the Health of Your Koi

While it is the beginning of February, winter is far from over for many parts of the country. While other areas will start seeing some warming over the next few weeks. We want you to be prepared to take care of your fish as temperatures warm. Your fish have been sitting near the bottom of your pond throughout the winter, living on stored fat. Their immune system can be weakened and they may be susceptible to parasites and other infection. They need a few weeks to rebuild their immune system before you embark upon a serious spring pond cleaning.
They will slowly become active as soon as the water temperature reaches 55+ degrees, but don’t be too eager to feed them heavily. They are re-acclimating to their environment and their metabolism is still slow. Feeding them a small amount of wheat germ food for the first couple of weeks is easier on their digestive system. This also keeps fish waste at a minimum while your biological filter is not yet up to speed.
Recommended Products
• Now is a good time to add Pond Salt to your pond: add at a rate of 1 pound per hundred gallons of pond water.
• Adding Pond Stress Coat or Aqua Extreme will replace the natural slime coat on your fish.

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