Overwintering Water Lilies and Lotus Part 1: Hardy Water Lilies and Lotus

Hardy Water Lilies and Lotus
Hardy Water Lilies
Keeping hardy water lilies or lotus alive through the winter requires very little work.

In most cases it isn’t necessary to bring hardy water lilies or lotus inside to keep them alive through the colder months, as long as your pond doesn’t freeze to the bottom hardy lilies and lotus can be kept alive by trimming them back and simply placing them below the freeze line until springtime then you simply fish the pots up, place them at the desired growing height and resume feeding. That’s pretty simple right?

If your pond does freeze to the bottom you have a little more work to do. First you have to trim the plant back then take the trimmed plant to a cool dark place such as a basement, it is important that the lily or lotus is placed in a location that will stay cold and dark but not freeze, hardy lilies and lotus actually enjoy the cold and the dark so don’t feel bad. Once the location where the plant will spend the winter is determined all you need to do is place the dormant trimmed plant in a watertight container be sure to cover the surface of the plants soil with 2-6” of water be sure to check the water level in the pot over the winter to make sure that the plant stays submerged.

Once the weather has warmed up as it should by springtime (55 degree water temperature or more) feel free to place the pot right back where you had in the pond.

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