How to Choose Koi

When it comes down to choosing Koi all that really matters is what you want to see in your pond, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you see a fish that you like then that is really all that matters. However, there are certain traits people look for in a fish that they are looking to sell or even to breed and those are generally head shape, body shape, the color balance, and even the pattern. We’ll go through the list one by one and talk about what very serious Koi keepers and Koi judges look for in a “Champion” quality Koi.

Head and Body ShapeThe head of the Koi should be broad and long with the eyes set equidistant from each other, Koi that display these traits are usually the Koi that grow to larger sizes and that can make them very desirable. The head, body and fins should not have any deformities such as, bumps, Indents, scars, or anything that would affect the symmetry of the Koi. And when looking at the body of a Koi just remember balance and symmetry are key.

Color Quality:
A Koi’s color should be consistent all throughout the fish. There should not be variances in the consistency of the color of your Koi. For example, if your fish has black markings the intensity of the black should be pretty much uniform all throughout the fish. You want the colors to be the same shade and you want a good balance of color as well. Remember that when choosing small Koi the colors you see on them are almost guaranteed to change drastically as they grow in length.

Now as I’ve said before balance is key and that is especially true when talking about a Koi’s color pattern. For true balance you would want to see large patterns on large Koi and vice versa, when you start to see large patterns on small Koi it can appear as though there is just too much paint on the canvas so to say and when you have very small patterns on a large Koi it can look as though there is just too much missing. Patterns that envelope the whole fish are usually more desirable than the patterns that can only be seen from above and when the nose and tail of a Koi are the same color it gives the fish a nice frame on which the other colors in the Koi’s body can rest on.

As I’ve said before beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you see a fish that you like then that is really all that matters. Having said that I hope these little tips will help you readers choose some really spectacular Koi and as always, Happy Ponding!

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