Going Natural in Your Pond Part 1 - NATURAL ALGAE CONTROL


A. Barley products work great as an algae preventitive. The.The interesting story behind how barley was proven effective against algae was by accident; a load of barley got dropped into an algae infested waterway. Apparently, the compound in barley inhibits the growth of algae. Liquid Barley extract by Microbelift is the fastest acting, but you can also purchase it in pellets and bales.

B. Adding aeration greatly reduces algae bloom. Besides an air pump, consider a decorative spitter or oxygenating plants to boost oxygen levels.

C. Using your beneficial bacteria regularly cuts down on debris and fish waste that algae feeds off of. Bump up your bacteria use when algae is starting to form. If you want a double duty product, check out pondzyme and clarity max. They are a combo of beneficial bacteria and barley.

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