Going Natural in Your Pond Part 2 - FISH HEALTH


A. To help keep your fish healthy, try Thera-p by Microbelift. It works by reducing environmental stress; promotes rapid fish growth, and increases resistance to pathogens and parasites. It oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites. It’s great when fish overpopulation exists, and when oxygen levels are down.

B. Another great natural product is Koi Clay. It not only supports fish health, but does triples duty by clarifying the water, and enhancing fish color.

C. Pond Salt is a super stress reducer, and helps eradicate parasitic infestations. Follow dosing instructions accordingly, because salt does not evaporate.

Getting your pond and keeping your pond balanced is always a challenge. A vacation to the Caribbean (while aunt May overfed the fish); Or too much rain, or too much shine; or just a lapse in maintenance can throw a pond out of whack. Being prepared, and having the right products will make things easier for you when a hiccup happens. Simple and natural solutions do exist! I’ve had many customers tell me that after they installed an air pump their green water cleared up. I also have some customers swear by barley products.The best feedback I get is about Microbelift PL and how it cleared up their cloudy water. On the flip side, I’ve heard too many times that a water hose was left on that consequently led to fish loss. So take a look at some of these products, and let nature help you keep things balanced!

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