Get Ready for Winter! Pondbiz has all the products you need!

Now is the time to prepare your pond for winter. It’s important to take steps to clean your pond in preparation for winter and maintain an area that is ice-free throughout the cold season in order to protect your fish, plants and entire aquatic ecosystem! Pondbiz carries all the products necessary to keep a healthy winter pond. Here is an easy, convenient run-down of everything you’ll need:

Pond Nets and Covers
Covering your pond is very important to keep out the autumn leaves as well as predators. In autumn and early winter, ponds can easily become clogged and overrun by leaves and debris. They settle to the bottom of your pond, degrade and release toxins into the water, harming fish and beneficial bacteria and disrupting the whole balance. Plan to cover them early, after a thorough cleaning, to guard your backyard pond. Nets and covers will protect your pond all winter long! See a full list here.

Pond De-icers and Pond Heaters

Pond De-Icers are useful in maintaining a hole in the ice that covers your pond in the extremes of winter. This allows toxic gases to be released during the winter months. They will help you maintain a healthier winter environment for your fish. We carry several different types of heaters and de-icers so you’re sure to find one that will work for your size pond See a full list here.

Autumn Koi Food and Winter Koi Food

Koi have different requirements for food in the fall and winter. As temperatures cool, they need an easier-to-digest food such as wheat germ and less animal protein. Gradually, they will stop eating for the true winter months and go into a semi-hibernation period. Help them transition with high-quality winter food. For a full list, please click here. To learn more about winter feeding requirements, please refer to our blog on the subject: here.

Pond Cleaning and Water Prep

It is important to keep a pond clean and free of debris at all times but especially in the winter, when fish are more susceptible to imbalance which can result in sickness or disease. A clean pond will help to maintain a healthy immune system for your fish during the winter months. We offer many products for keeping your water clean, including aqua gloves and leaf eaters and vacuums. Microbelift Autumn/Winter Prep helps accelerate the decomposition of leaves, scum, sediment and other organic matter in the fall and winter. Pond vacuums remove debris, and leaves from the bottom of your pond. A clean pond is a happy pond, all year round! Spending a little time now will pay huge dividends in the spring.

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