We had a customer come in the store the other day lamenting over a severe algae problem, “I wasn’t going for the swampy look” she exclaimed. To effectively treat an algae problem, getting at the cause is much better than treating the symptom. In short, algae is just a result of something gone wrong. We […]


Cleaning out your pond can seem daunting the first time around, but having all the right equipment will make the task surprisingly manageable. The first thing to consider is investing in some kind of vacuum. These three are top sellers, and vary from low tech to high tech. The Muck Vac Perfect for use in […]

Pondbiz reviews

We received this on June 4 from a customer we were able to help through a big decision. “Thank you. It’s a pleasure doing business with such a pleasant and educated company.”

Review from Los Angeles customer

We found this review on yelp and wanted to share. Thanks Christoper! “For years I had dreams of a working, pretty pond and I used pool chemicals in a desperate attempt to get my pond to work (the results were iffy at best). I invested about $500 including a $100 muck vac and plants and […]

Why the Aqua Ultima 2 is the most efficient Bio Filter for your pond

Filters are definitely one of the most important aspects of any pond system, and bio filtration is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to maintain your ponds clarity and overall health. When your pond has fish, turtles, frogs or any manner of wildlife in it waste is created and that waste can clog […]

The Right Pond Pump?

Every pond owner runs into the same problem every once in awhile and some pond owners run in to it much more often, this dilemma effects anybody who has a pond and even those moving towards installing a pond, it’s almost unavoidable. The problem they face is which pump to choose, whether they spend one […]

How to resurface your pond or pool

Pond Shield and its many uses:   Pond Shield is a fantastic epoxy that is used to waterproof ponds, fountains, aquariums, pools, and animal drinking locations. It can be applied to concrete, shotcrete, gunnite, stone, tile, wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and many more surfaces. Pond Shield is fish and plant safe and comes in clear […]

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Welcome to our blog! We will be updating this blog every month with tips, ideas and helpful information for you. Check back often for the latest info on water gardens, ponds, fish care and more! Do you have a topic you would like to see covered in this blog? Leave a comment below! We are […]