Cleaning out your pond in the fall is essential for maintaining good water quality over the colder months. Any accumulated debris has a bigger impact in cold temperatures because beneficial bacteria and oxygen levels naturally drop in cold weather. The colder it gets in your area will determine what you need. For a basic pond […]


High levels of phosphate in pond water are the #1 contributing factor to an algae outbreak. Most of us treat an algae problem with algaecides– which is basically fine. The only snag, though, is that we are just treating the symptom and not the cause. To eliminate persistent algae outbreaks it’s essential we look at […]


Like with any home project, observation and experience are your best resources for evaluating what needs to be done. How was your pond last year?  Did it bring you more pleasure than pain? Did you try something new that worked? Did you skip your spring cleanout and then suffer the consequences? You are your […]

Top Winter Pond Tips

Keeping a healthy winter pond will give you a head start come Spring. There’s not much to do in the winter, but a few useful tips will make life easier when Spring has finally sprung. 1. Stop feeding fish when temperatures drop below 50 degrees. Use a cold weather food above 50 degrees until mid […]

Fall Cleanout

Cleaning out your pond can seem daunting the first time around, but having all the right equipment will make the task surprisingly manageable. The first thing to consider is investing in some kind of vacuum. These three are top sellers, and vary from low tech to high tech. The Muck Vac Perfect for use in […]

Trip to Sacred Spaces

We were in need of inspiration, no doubt. So Jeri and I planned a trip to one of our favorite places to rejuvenate and relax. Sacred Spaces in Summerland Ca. Just walking through this retreat/retail shop/sacred space gave us so many ideas for our own gardens we wanted to share it with you. We were […]

Going Natural in Your Pond Part 2 - FISH HEALTH

FISH HEALTH A. To help keep your fish healthy, try Thera-p by Microbelift. It works by reducing environmental stress; promotes rapid fish growth, and increases resistance to pathogens and parasites. It oxidizes both ammonia and nitrites. It’s great when fish overpopulation exists, and when oxygen levels are down. B. Another great natural product is Koi […]

Q. Is there a natural alternative for treating algae in ponds?

A. Yes there is, the most common product that people use to get away from chemical algaecides is barley. When barley decomposes it releases many compounds one of these (which has not yet been identified) has been shown to be an effective way of preventing new algae cells from taking hold. Because barley does not […]

Q. Can I hurt my fish if I use too much algaecide?

A. Yes, absolutely. Many algaecides remove algae through intense oxidization which in a nut-shell sucks the oxygen right out of the water where it has made contact with the algaecide. If there is an overdose far too much oxygen can be used up in the oxidization process and can suffocate your fish and even cause […]

Q. Can I feed my Koi fruits and vegetables?

A. Absolutely, however, Koi have a generally weak immune system as do all ornamental fish due to systematic breeding in order to accentuate the colors and body types that we find desirable in the Koi, consequently, their diet needs to be specially formulated to provide them with the correct balance of necessary vitamins and minerals […]