YES To Aeration!

Aeration is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of having a healthy Koi pond. Maintaining healthy levels of oxygen create a well balanced ecosystem that in turn promotes fish and plant health. Aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen which bolsters the amount of aerobic bacteria in your pond which in turn […]

The Right Pond Pump?

Every pond owner runs into the same problem every once in awhile and some pond owners run in to it much more often, this dilemma effects anybody who has a pond and even those moving towards installing a pond, it’s almost unavoidable. The problem they face is which pump to choose, whether they spend one […]

Atlantic Water Pump Review

We recently received this email. We thought it would be good to share what our customer from Hill Country Water Gardens, Cedar Park, TX had to say. “Just wanted you to know that I purchased an Atlantic TW6000 water pump seven years ago. The pump has been working almost constantly in that time frame and […]