Pond Planting Ideas

We have a lot of new plants to offer you this year that will entice even the most experienced plant enthusiast. But let’s first talk about design elements that will make choosing the right plants easier. The 3 elements you want to consider are contrast, texture and color. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, […]

Overwintering Water Lilies and Lotus Part 2: Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical Water Lilies Tropical water lilies are harder to overwinter than their hardy cousins; they do go dormant however they cannot be left in a pond over winter if you want them to have a good chance at survival. It’s common for people to purchase tropical lilies with the intent of replacing them, but if […]

Overwintering Water Lilies and Lotus Part 1: Hardy Water Lilies and Lotus

Hardy Water Lilies and Lotus Keeping hardy water lilies or lotus alive through the winter requires very little work. In most cases it isn’t necessary to bring hardy water lilies or lotus inside to keep them alive through the colder months, as long as your pond doesn’t freeze to the bottom hardy lilies and lotus […]

What is your Pond Hardiness Zone?

Here is a blurb from the garden.com site about the Hardiness Zone map. “The 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map The USDA Hardiness Zone Map is one of several maps developed to provide this critical climate information. The USDA map is the one most gardeners in the eastern United States rely on, and the one that […]

Filtering the Pond with a Beautifying Plant Filter

From Oregon Aquatics, Inc. Adapted from natural wetland areas such as the Florida Everglades, plant filters have two primary functions: filtration and beauty. Plant filters provide a perfect background for the pond, showcasing plants while allowing more pond surface area to remain open. They also provide a natural looking transition from land to pond, and […]

Expand Your Water Gardening Know-How!

Winter is the perfect time to expand your knowledge of water gardening. The pond is quiet; the fish are still. Time to cozy up inside with a good book… about ponds! We have an incredible selection of books, featuring everything from beginner pond how-to books to Koi and other specialty items. Have you wanted to […]

Aquatic Plant Care

We often focus on the health of our fish and the cleanliness of our ponds but what about our beautiful pond plants? Whether you grow water lilies, lotus, water hyacinth or another species, these plants need special attention and care, much different from land-bound plants. Benefits of pond plants We all know the joy and […]

Learn about Lotus!

Lotus plants are the crown jewels of any water garden. Lotus symbolizes power, purity and faithfulness. Grow one in your pond to bring beauty, joy and good luck! We ship lotus tubers during their dormant period in April, May and early June. These plants are very fragile as tubers and if damaged, they will not […]