Pond Light Example

In the summer, there is not a better time to enjoy your pond then at night. The addition of low voltage pond lights make all the difference. I used to say that a few accent lights would be sufficient. I changed my mind however, when my mom added 6 watt flood lights to her pond […]

PondBiz on YouTube

Did you know we have videos posted on Youtube? We have posted them here, but also check out our Youtube channel. PondBiz: Pondmax low voltage lights Pondbiz: Filter System Layout PondBiz: Hand feeding your fish with fish treats

Pond Lighting

Hey everybody! Today I’m here to talk about why pond lighting is so amazing to have and how it greatly enhances the already rewarding experience of owning any kind of water feature. Lighting your pond or water feature adds a type of flair a real kind of “Wow!” factor, and the difference between a water […]

A Backyard Oasis is just a Water Feature away!

This homemade pond was built by Chris Klima, a Pondbiz customer in Kansas. Transform your pond or water garden into a peaceful oasis! A simple pond can be elevated significantly, with the addition of an easy but elegant water feature. From waterfalls and bubbling rocks to little streams and fountains, a water feature adds dimension […]

Add Drama to Your Waterscape with Color-changing LED lights!

Create the perfect ambience for a summer evening with new outdoor LED color-changing lights! Colorful lighting adds a dramatic affect to any focal point in your water garden, whether it is a waterfall, fountain or pond. You can even add these lights to background plants for a spectacular nighttime display. They can be used in […]